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All our themes are fully responsive hence it perfectly fit to any screen like as desktop, mobile, laptops, tablets, iPads, or any other devices. Our theme is optimized in a best way and hence it loads everything very quickly on any devices.


We produce retina-ready images and graphics for our themes with CSS background images, several icons and buttons, etc. Hence, your website is compatible with any device that has high-resolution screens.


Our themes consist of many powerful features and our templates are easily customizable. Our themes consist of HTML5 and CSS3 features. Usually, we design unique themes that cannot be found anywhere.


Our themes are always well-tested and hence they are compatible for all types of browsers. We have studied deeply about the functioning of the browsers and hence we design such themes that are compatible with any browser.


SEO is the process of improving the ranking of a web site in internet search results. Our themes are search engine optimized so that you can rank well in every search engine such as Yahoo, Bing, and Google etc.


Our themes consist of clean and solid codes that are built using the Bootstrap framework, so that they can be easily customized. Our themes usually provide short and easy codes, so that they are easy to use

Development Process

Flow of the Web Developing

Get a Free Consultation

At Chameleon Infotech, we offer you a free consultation for you and your business. We will prepare you a rough draft related to the work you desire from us completely free of charge. This will allow us to understand exactly what you’re after, giving us the opportunity to know you and your company better.


Make a Design

In the web world, having a striking website can differentiate a good and bad business. At Chameleon Infotech, we offer you extensive web designs which are perfectly suitable for the business you’re establishing. We will go above and beyond to suit your expectations, with an exceptional eye for detail when it comes to web design.


Implement the Code

When we’re at the stage of completing all of the complex code, we will have the liberty of implementing the code for a realistic overview of the project. This includes all of the server side technologies we work with, such as PHP, MySQL etc.


Site Testing

Hours and hours of testing will be put into your website, ensuring it is completely stable, with absolutely zero errors. This will give us the confidence to presenting you with our final product, for you to go through any modifications you may need.


You Approve

Upon the completion of your website; once you are fully satisfied with the outcome, we will proceed to the next step which is going live.


We Launch Your Site

Once your website has been fully customized for your satisfaction, we will go through the process of making your website live, for anyone to see. We will start off hosting your website with the domain name you desire for public view.